Journey Back to Simpler Times

Journey Back to Simpler Times

Search for primitive d├ęcor for your yard or living room

The primitive look stands apart from anything you can find at a store. This Olde Shoppe features colonial-style items that dress up any room. Check out our old wagon wheels and antique clothing ringers.

These classic furnishings and novelties make your home stand out from every other house in your neighborhood. You can set up the look you want with well-weathered antiques that stand the test of time.

Call (580) 291-8715 today to speak to our owner about embracing the primitive style.

Enliven your yard with old shovels and pitchforks

Create a farmland feel without having to leave the city. You can buy wooden pulleys, hand saws and tobacco cutters to dress up your garden. Crude tools from the past receive a second life as artful decorations. You'll appreciate the air of nostalgia these objects bring to your home.

Contact us now to add primitive objects to your antique collection.

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