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Now you can go antiquing from the comfort of your home

Why waste a Sunday driving around to estate sales and antique stores that don't have what you want? Thanks to This Olde Shoppe, you can look through a wide variety of furniture, dishes and clothing all showcased on our website. As soon as you see what you're looking for, reach out to us before it's gone.

When you spot something you like, let us know. You can come pick it up or have it shipped to you. We can serve anyone within the Mid-Western United States.

Call (580) 291-8715 today if you have any questions about our wares.


Furnish your home with timeless antiques.


Spruce up your house with bowls, glasses, lamps and other collectibles.


For a rustic look, consider our wagon wheels and old pulleys.


Dress up in the fashions of yesteryear today.

See what vintage pieces can do for your home

Once you catch the antiquing bug, it's hard to get rid of it. Instead of driving around to shop after shop, you can complete all your shopping in one place-our online store. The antiques that you purchase:

Give your home character

Cannot be replicated or imitated

Come with built-in sentimental value

Make excellent icebreakers at gatherings

Never go out of style

Check out our selection today to choose a piece that really speaks to you.

Why buy from This Olde Shoppe?

A lot of similar stores only have brick-and-mortar locations. They're limited in scope and can't provide goods to people far away. This Olde Shoppe flips that business model. By using an online platform, we offer those in rural or distant areas the opportunity to start or add to their antique collections.

With 25 years of experience collecting, buying and selling curios and furnishings, we know how to identify quality and price it fairly. You'll find beautiful pieces among our wares. Start redecorating your home today.

Contact us now with any questions you have about our antiques.

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